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Swing - Introduction         Swing - Film Classics
Lindy Hop         Balboa / Bal-swing         Collegiate Shag
Carolina Shag         West Coast Swing         Boogie Woogie
Charleston         Shim Sham         Rock'n'Roll
Acrobatic Rock'n'Roll         Ballroom Jive         Modern Jive
Other Swing         Samba         Argentine Tango
Flamenco         Belly Dancing         Strictly Classics
Line Dancing         Fred & Ginger         Misc Other


hover over a title to show the date  dd.mm.yy  added to our library

We list mainly the lesser-known dance styles, & then only the more noteworthy clips from the huge choice available
— if you've any other favourites, please let us know …

you  can  click  a  new  choice  at  any  stage
—  even  before  the  active  clip  is  finished
if  you've  used  Youtube's  FULL-SCREEN,
you  may  need  to  first  press  [Esc]


Clicking a  "Video Library"  item shows that clip in a separate window.  If you were already showing a previous item, the new item SHOULD replace it in that same window, so simply switch to that display window.  With TABBED mode browsers, you can maybe use (maybe repeated)  {CTRL} + {TAB} , or  {CTRL} + 1~9  (window no.)
If the recording quality is good, to try getting the optimum viewing mode for your monitor & line-speed, you could click  
Quality / Shrink / Expand / Full-screen

Space-bar  or  clicking the image can also
be used to  Pause
 / Play

To select another clip, switch back to re-show the Video Library list  —   you can quit the active clip simply by clicking a new item.

If videos keep pausing during replay, this may mean that it's a busy time.

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