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Anglia - Bands & DJs 

  Caxton Swing     Jazz band specializing in Swing Music ~ Cambridge based
  Galaxy Big Band     Big Band ~ East Anglia based
  Harmony In Harlem     [East Anglia] Big Band ~ specializing in Duke Ellington, perfect for Lindy
  Howard & Chris    Dance teachers & DJ, at many Suffolk venues ~ B&L + Sequence
  Jeff Short Swing Band & Singers     Big Band ~ Essex based
  Jonathan Wyatt Big Band     Big Band ~ East Anglia based
  King Size Papas     [Norfolk] Jump Jive Blues Band ~ up-tempo Swing Jazz & Blues from 40's/50's
  Laura B & the Moonlighters    [Essex] Swing/R&B 7-piece band ~ 40s/50s style
  Super Swing Big Band     [Beccles] Big Band
  Swing Machine Dance Band     [Suffolk] Big Band
  Candy Girls    1940's/1950's close-harmony vocal group
  Sweeting Swing Band     Big Band ~ Essex based ~ specialising in Swing Dance Music
  Glenn Hurst Big Band    Big Band ~ Swing, 1940s, Modern Ballroom & pop
Anglia - General 

  Dance East     [Ipswich] academy for all forms of dance ~ geared for performing arts
  Hair Aid Shelter    Vintage Hairstyles
  Jane Hall     Gt.  Yarmouth artist - dance paintings for sale
  Jaya Dance     Bollywood & Bhangra Dance in Norfolk ~ occasional adult courses/workshops
  Jazz Update     For Jazz music enthusiasts - what's on in/around South East
  Norfolk Gig Guide    Norfolk Gigs
  Scottish Country Dancing    Classes in/around Ipswich
  Suffolk Social Dancer     Ballroom & Sequence Dance functions in/around Ipswich
Argentine Tango 

  Stephen Brown     Authorative source of info on Tango Styles
  Tango & Chaos in Buenos Aires     Delightful read on Tango from Buenos Aires perspective

  Dance for England     Ballroom - project developing Ballroom among young people
  Dancesport UK     Ballroom.  Very comprehensive
  Dancing Clubs     Ballroom
  Sequence Dancing     Sequencing Dancing only - lots of excellent info
  Strictly Ballroom & Latin     Ballroom
  UK Ballroom     Ballroom
Belly Dance 

  Aladdin's Cave     Belly Dance costumes & music
  The Art of Middle Eastern Dance     Info about Belly Dancing
  Whirling Dervish     Belly Dance accessories
  Yasmina's Joy of Bellydancing     Info about Belly Dancing
Dancewear Traders 

  20th Century Foxy     Vintage reproduction clothing
  Breathable Shirts    Breathable shirts, ideal for dancing
  Canama Dance Supplies     [Suffolk] dance shoe supplier
  Dance Vibe     Dance clothes/shoes store ~ Fore Street, Ipswich
  Johnson Shoes     Handmade dance shoes - made to your specification
  Kingdom of Dance     Dance Shoes & Clothing
  Move Dancewear     Dance Shoes & Dancewear
  Supadance     Dance Shoes
  The 1940's & 50's Clothing Company     Clothing/accessories of 40s/50s
  Vida Dance     Dance shoes
  Vintage Clothing     Vintage clothing - possible sources of the real thing

  Are You Dancing     Dance listing web site
  Dance Web (UK)     Dance listing web site
  Pollytone     Source of R'n'R music.  So they say! Maybe of interest to anyone
  So You Think You Can Dance?     The official BBC Website
  Strictly Come Dancing     The official BBC Website
  Swing Dance Venues    Map of swing dance venues across UK.  Zoom in for more detail
  Vintage News    News coverage of vintage events - genuine vintage news reporters!
Historical (Early) 

  Dolmetsch Historical Dance Society    Succint description of Historical dance styles
  Early Dance Circle    Charity promoting Early Dance in UK
Line Dancing 

  Lets Line Dance     Line Dancing.  Not much info about East Anglia
Modern Jive 

  Jiveaholics Anonymous     Includes video tuition
  LeRoc Modern Jive Federation     The LeRoc story
  Modern Jive     Must read articles:- 'History of Modern Jive' (includes Swing)
  Modern Jive Resource Centre     Modern Jive!
  Salsa & Modern Jive     Also include Salsa
  UK Jive     Modern Jive listing site

  Open Morris    Morris Team association (1 of 3)
  The Morris Federation    Morris Team association (2 of 3)
  The Morris Ring    Morris Team association (3 of 3)

  Complete UK Rock'n'Roll Gig Guide     Rock'n'Roll / Jive.  Excellent listing site
  Maggie's Blue Suede News     Rock'n'Roll in the Midlands, but lots of other useful info
  Planet Jive     Emphasis on Jive
  Rock the Joint     Rock'n'Roll - Links to various R&R organisations

  Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary     Scottish Dance Instruction & Technical Terms

  Archives of Lindy Hop     Lindy Hop - lots of archive material
  Frankie Manning Tribute     Tribute to Frankie Manning - archive Swing footage
  iDance     Online dance lessons, various swing-dance styles
  London Balboa Festival     with superb description of Balboa history
  London Swing & Dance Company     Lindy Hop in London.  Also a useful source of info     Dutch Slowbal website with English option
  SlowFeet's YouTube channel     SlowFeet's 50+ videos ~ mainly shorts
  StreetSwing     An amazing mine of info about dance.  Navigation tricky, but worth effort
  Swing Music Radio Stn     Archive 2010 Judy Pritchett - mainly re.  Frankie Manning (after 8mins)
  Swingin at the Savoy    Len Goodman talks about Savoy Ballroom
  The Lindy Circle     Lindy Hop - also good source of links
  Tuxedo Junction     Lindy Hop
  West Coast Swing UK     West Coast Swing - places to go
  World Swing Dance Council    promoting West Coast Swing - hall of fame is excellent read

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