BALBOATIME    Caroline & John's Balboa moves

Balboa Basic  —  with hold step  ( Maxie )
Balboa Basic  —  with down hold  ( Willie )
Box Steps
Come Around
Out Out Ins  ( Crossovers )
Crossing over the other way
Out Out Ins with Jump-turn
Crab Walks
Forward and Backward Walks  ( 2-Steps )
Send Out
Send Out — with leader’s turn
Lolly Kicks  —  circular
                —   with inside turn
                —   with outside push turn
Corridor Kicks
Swivels, and various ways of getting in & out
Swivels  —  getting out with ‘stretch’
Maxie’s Stop Step  ( Slide )
Pop Turn
Pop Turn in front
Double Cross after Send Out
Double Cross after L to L Send Out
Sideway Transition to Columbian
Apache  ( Texas Tommy )
Turns and Step-overs
Outside Turn
Twisty Twisty Walks
Johnny Drop
Johnny Slide
Johnny Footwaggles
Apache V-Slide
Leg Kiss
Pedrosa’s Jump
Tuck Turn
Tuck Turn and Through
Elbow Catches
Venice Beach Clip
Left to Right Send Out
Swimming after L - L Send Out
Camel Kicks
Barrel Roll
Outside turn to elbow catch
Still to come                        
Balboa Basic  —  Step Release
Balboa Basic  —  foot waggles
Balboa Basic with Triples
Balboa Basic with Fan
Circle Slides
Tango Lazy Leg Sweep
6 Count Send Out
Falling off a log
Falling on a log
The Squrrel Nut Zippers
Balboa Rueda
These are all the moves we can remember teaching at Balboa Fridays (plus a few others).
If you think of any we have forgotten, please let us know  …

Some names are in common usage, whilst others are made up by us.

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