East Anglia Dance aims to cover social dancing for adults

mainly in Norfolk + Suffolk + Essex

but also extending to the rest of East Anglia

including parts of Hertfordshire & Cambridgeshire

This website was conceived in November'08 with the objective of becoming East Anglia's most comprehensive dance listing site for adults.

The website's core is the  Venues  page, where class & dance venue information is shown in 3 formats, one of which hopefully suits the search requirements of most visitors.  Where appropriate, entries are shown nominally North to South, to hopefully help locate venues within reasonable travelling distance.

The  Diary  page is the most dynamic, dealing with announcements such as new classes starting, then a chronological listing of one-off dance events.  After 10 years, this has more recently now become the Homepage ...

The  Videos  page gives links to YouTube examples of lesser known dance styles.  As anyone who has researched YouTube clips will probably appreciate, it is often difficult to remain "on theme".  Repetition & poor recording quality also soon become apparent.  Considerable effort has therefore gone into finding & categorising the best dance clips, which hopefully prove both entertaining & educational.  We'll try to add new titles regularly, so please keep coming back.

For Ballroom clips, check the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing website, as that's far more comprehensive than we could ever hope to achieve.

Brian Vincent ~ original creator (deceased)     Brian Green ~ webmaster

please contact   

with any suggestions, corrections or additions to data,
or simply to ask aquestion about anything you've seen here,
& we'll try to respond promptly

If you're happy for a response by phone, do include that,
plus the best time to call

If sending us details of your dance venue, please provide the following :-
your details   •  your name      •  phone number(s)      •  email
    — above not usually/necessarily for publication
the organisation   •  Dance club / school's name        •  Styles taught
•  Website  or  if none, contact name & phone number(s) to publish
for each venue
  •  Name of the venue      •  Town or Village      •  Day(s) of week
•  Nearest large town (optional - that more people might be familiar with)
•  General info  e.g. whether classes, dances & frequency, private tuition
•  Postcode — for sorting & building map links …

   Some small village halls seem not to have a postcode, in which
   case please provide the first part of the postcode for properties
   nearby, & any other useful information such as name of the road

for late alterations/cancellations of events in our diary,
contact webmaster  Brian Green  via      
& we'll try to provide a notification service by updating entries

If you don�t currently have a web site, we may be able to help …     even possibly with a free 'demo' subdomain
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In loving memory — by Brian Vincent

This website is dedicated to Fred Vincent, my late father who inadvertently moulded his taste in dance styles.

The story begins when Fred & his best friend Eddy ran ballroom dances at the delightfully named "Harmonic Hall" in London E6 during the 50's.  I got to earn extra pocket money helping out in the cloakroom in the early 60's just as ballroom began to decline, forcing a switch initially to Trad Jazz then to Rock'n'Roll.  One minor claim to fame, my father booked "Brian Poole & The Tremeloes"!  But suddenly, after nearly two decades running dances without incident, there was damage to the premises, then fights - whereupon Fred & Eddy decided that it was time to give up.  About a year later my father received a phone call pleading for them to return, even offering the hall for free.  Apparently things had got much worse, and the owners yearned for the "old days" !  Wisely, the offer was declined.  The age of Ballroom was now long over, & the age of Discos with bouncers was about to begin.

Also about to begin, was the demise of many fine dance halls, either to be knocked down, or redesigned with floor space reduced in size.  The Harmonic Hall was still there in the late 90's, when I made a nostalgic visit.  Sadly, on doing a 'Google', I have subsequently discovered that the Hall is demolished.

So as you will see, my formative years were split between two marvellous dance eras.  In retrospect, the succeeding disco era never inspired me - the music simply does not connect to the feet in the same way !

For me, it's a case of —
It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing !

This dance listing website & associated sub-domains have no connection with any other website or publication, other than we have used the web as one of our information sources, which we gratefully acknowledge.  Obviously in compiling a work of this size & complexity it is inevitable that we have either copied errors or made our own errors.  Also, information becomes out of date.  Anyone using this website or submitting entries for inclusion in this website should therefore take this into account, & note that everything is presented on a "best endeavours" basis and is without any liability for errors or any consequences arising from errors.

This disclaimer has been written in layman's plain English and is to be interpreted as a comprehensive disclaimer of any liability, as would be understood by the reasonable lay person.  Furthermore, where we provide links to other websites, this is done in the spirit of the web as a source of open & free information for the benefit of anyone who wishes to view such information.

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have fun !

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